Matt Clarke

Matt ClarkeMatt Clarke has become synonymous with Bass Music in Detroit, be it through his unique DJ sets, his website ( or when he was the Drum n Bass vinyl buyer for 5 years at various record shops (Record Time, Hearwax and Melodies). Matt first began DJing in 1995, playing Acid house at various basement parties and within a few years he caught the eye of local promotion companies. In late 1996, he began playing for 2000 person warehouse parties and was gaining residencies with some of Detroit’s elite promoters.

As the genre of Acid House started to dwindle into obscurity in 1997, this is around the time when Matt Clarke became enthralled with Jungle/Drum N Bass music. Using his previous connections with promoters, Matt was instrumental in bringing Drum N Bass into the main room at Techno parties and exposing the bass fueled sound to the masses. Through the next 9 years, Matt would be finding new residencies as the scene moved from legendary underground warehouses to more established clubs. He made a home out of Clutch, Carbon (Break Beat Etiquette, Pressure), Motor (Fridays), Necto, Bird of Paradise, and Forans (Substance: which is still the longest running Drum N Bass night in Detroit’s history).

Then in 2005, Matt discovered Dubstep and began listening to the likes of N-Type, Marlow, D1, Skream, and Coki. He began downloading free tunes that these artists would post up on various blog sites and began playing Dubstep to crowds in the early hours of his sets. This made Matt Clarke one of the original Dubstep DJs in Detroit and in 2007 he bought the domain to and began a Myspace group of the same name. In 2009, his sets began to mostly consist of Dubstep while working into Drum n Bass and Drumstep as the night progressed.

Now in 2013, Matt Clarke has been Djing for 18 years and has been producing multiple genres of electronic music under a few guises. has seen over 2 million hits and continually promotes Dubstep artists and events. His promotional company has brought out some of the biggest names within the genre, and continues to grow to larger venues. He does all this while running the website, a growing clothing line, and a healthy DJ schedule which keeps him booked somewhere almost every weekend. Matt was also an honorable mention for Detroit Artist of the Year by Real Detroit Weekly in late 2011.

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