DBDJS AudioCast #18 with Keith Kemp’s Industrial Mix Volume 1

Keith Kemp

Keith Kemp

Calling all fans of “classic” industrial-Wax Trax, Play It Again Sam, Zoth Ommog, Chicago, Belgium, Nettwerk, black nail polish, teen angst, Doc Martins, leather jackets, etc.

This DJ mix represents the musical arc that I would hear when I attended the infamous “Teen Night” in the early 90’s in Detroit at a club called The Shelter. Located in the basement of the infamous St. Andrews Hall, Teen Night was the first real club night that I went to as an angsty teenager. Since I wasn’t old enough to go to the City Club, myself and my friends from Gabriel Richard, Grossse Ile and the rest of downriver regularly hit the Shelter on a Friday, and ended at the Denny’s on Fort & Sibley in Riverview.

The Shelter has was a teeny part of the St. Andrews basement back then, and there was a huge video wall where they played videos from Consolidated, Pet Shop Boys, Skinny Puppy and many other “underground” and European artists.

I wore all black, all the time back then. We french-rolled our pants around our Doc Martin’s and painted band logos on your leather biker jackets. I believe I snuck in half pints of Souther Comfort, or slammed a 40 in the parking lot or on the way downtown.

Sometimes teen night wasn’t the pleasant clubbing experience as the threat of being beat up by SHARPS was very real-inside the club or on the way to your car you needed to watch your back.

The most aggressive part of the night was when the DJ would inevitably drop Thieves by Ministry. Smoke would billow out, and the strobe lights would fire into the middle of the club. Everyone would line up around the two main poles of the Shelter, lock arms with a friend and run around the poles while kicking up up your heels and throwing your arms around. The SHARPS stood on the outside too, eager to trip, punch or kick a little goth shit like me and my friends.

If you fell out of the fray, there was always someone to push your back in for more punishment. As I type this I’m unsure what this actually sounds like to someone who didn’t share this experience, but if you’ve ever been in a mosh pit or to maybe a ska show, it’s kinda the same thing.

It was brutal and primal, but at the time, it was my world and honestly one of the best times in my life. My personal soundtrack back then from my drive to high school to these nights at the Shelter set the tone for everything I’ve done since then, and I honestly remember most if like it happened yesterday.

About the mix.
I played all of these tunes end-to-end, at their original pitch, with no beatmatching-this is how the music was presented then, or at least, it’s how I perceived it. It would take a couple of years before I learned how to beat-match 🙂

I’m calling this volume one in a series that I plan on continuing-there’s still a TON of ground to be covered musically-I hope you enjoy!!!

Recorded in one take in Ferndale, MI January 2014

Cabaret Voltaire – Digital Rasta – Micro-Phonies – Some Bizarre/Virgin UK
Chris & Cosey – Hypnotika 12” – Nettwerk
Manufacture – As The End Draws Near 12″ – Nettwerk
Die Warzau – Welcome To America 12″ – Fiction
Noise Unit – A Place To Lay Your Head – Grinding Into Emptiness – Wax Trax
Revolting Cocks – You Often Forget 12″ ( Benign Mix ) – Wax Trax
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria 12” – Some Bizarre/Virgin UK
Die Warzau – Land Of The Free 12″ – Fiction
Die Warzau – Strike To The Body – Disco Rigido – Fiction
Manufacture – Many Machines 12″ – Nettwerk
Noise Unit – Deceit 12″ – Waxtrax
Revolting Cocks – No Devotion 12″ – Wax trax
1000 Homo DJS – Apathy 12″ – Wax Trax
Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Open 12″ – Nettwer

This mix is dedicated to my old friend Pete Kornblum, who passed away last year. Pete’s outsized personality, french-rolled pants, Marlboro menthols, techno lust and red Fiero with the Skinny Puppy license plate influenced me greatly during my these times.

Pete had started to DJ at the Shelter and the Nectarine Ballroom then, and I tagged along for some of these gigs, eager to get my chance to play some Nitzer Ebb or Front 242 favorites. Pete was also one of the first people I met that actually had synthesizers and drum machines, which in turn inspired me to buy my first samplers and synthesizers.

Although I lost touch with Pete after high school, I took everything I learned from those times and channeled it into my my growing interest in Detroit techno as I set out to make my mark as a techno DJ in Detroit.

R.I.P. Pete Kornblum.

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